Laura Warren

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Laura is a natural medium who has been developing her mediumship and psychic abilities since she was a child. After years of education and training in health, wellness, energy therapy, and psychic development, Laura moved into the career of a psychic medium. Laura has over a decade of psychic mediumship experience and has developed an international following; she is in demand in the Maritimes and beyond. She is known for her ability to call forth spirit to deliver messages to their living friends and relatives. Laura’s skills include helping her new and long-time clients highlight and remove blocks and challenges in their lives, give hope and a sense of peace, and help provide closure. Laura also has been dedicated to helping lost souls move forward to the afterlife and thereby resolving hauntings.

Laura has starred in an 8 part documentary series called Sight Seers filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada. Sight-Seers aired on AMI-tv+ in 2021 and can be accessed through the link provided on Sight-Seers explored haunted sites in Nova Scotia to investigate reports of spirits and ghostly events.

She has also been featured on numerous podcasts and interviews including CTV Morning Live, The Nighttime Pod, The Nancy Siebel Perspective, Afternoon Pint, and Ann Perry Numerologist.

Laura’s education and life experience gives her a unique perspective of Spirit and the Spirit World. She has a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition as well as a Bachelor of Education. She has developed a 6 week mentorship course called, The Magic of Mediumship: Open to your Limitless Possibility. Laura believes that if you have a desire to communicate with the Spirit World that you possess the ability to learn to do so!