At Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation, we believe in educating the general public with contemporary and scientific information in a field which still has many frauds, misconceptions and abusers. Our experienced investigators are available to speak to the general public at conferences, symposiums, through media and any other event. If you are interested in this service, please contact us.

What educational services does PPRI offer?

Our subject matter experts are always willing to participate in radio and television interviews, including podcasts, in order to share the most current and relevant information in the field of parapsychology.

Educational opportunities also include preparation and organization of presentations on parapsychological research to share with the public through lectures at community centres and libraries, discussion groups with Q&A, and demonstrations of the equipment utilized during an investigation. Presentations provide the public with a unique insight into the steps of investigating the paranormal, mind-matter interactions, current technology and trends, popular misconceptions, and a review of historical cases. Based on your specific need, PPRI can design a power point presentation and present information to the public at venues, conferences, and symposiums. An example of this can be seen with our “Hauntings: Exploring Apparitions, Poltergeists and Demons” lecture which has been presented throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality and at the Shag Harbour UFO festival since 2019.

Dr. Darryll Walsh and Dr. Elliott Van Dusen have previously taught parapsychological courses at the Nova Scotia Community College. Those courses were entitled “Parapsychology I: Predictions and Predictors” and “Parapsychology II: Hauntings and Apparitions”.

We have created the Canadian Association of Parapsychological Research & Investigation’s Parapsychological Education Centre. We are currently in the process of designing an online distant education Introduction to Parapsychology course which will be deployed through the course management system Moodle through our website. Be sure to visit CAPRI’s Parapsychological Education Centre for the most recent information pertaining to our online distant education programming.