Saturday, October 12, 2024

Halifax Tower Hotel & Conference Centre 15 Lakelands Blvd. Halifax, NS. B3S-1G4



Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation (PPRI) is delighted to invite vendors to participate in the upcoming 2024 Halifax Paranormal Symposium. In response to valuable feedback from our last symposium, we are expanding our vendor capacity this year. While we previously accommodated 8 vendors, our goal for 2024 is to significantly increase this number. This expansion aims to enrich the symposium experience, offering attendees a broader range of vendors and exhibits. We are pleased to announce that our vendor pricing remains unchanged from 2023, reflecting our commitment to making the symposium accessible and rewarding for both vendors and attendees. Your participation as a vendor is crucial in creating a diverse, engaging, and memorable experience for everyone involved. Prospective vendors should note that PPRI maintains the right to final approval. Upon selection, successful applicants will receive detailed instructions regarding payment and setup.

We look forward to your applications and to a successful symposium in 2024!

OUR 2024 Halifax Paranormal Symposium Vendors

Maritime Hauntings & Paranova Productions

Welcome back Maritime Haunting and ParaNova Productions for a 2nd year! Dive into the chilling depths of the supernatural with Maritime Haunting and Paranova Productions, a dynamic collaboration at the forefront of paranormal storytelling. Maritime Haunting is currently entering into Season 2 of their TV series as they breathe life into the compelling narratives written by celebrated author and fellow vendor, Steve Vernon. Each meticulously crafted episode offers a blend of authentic on-site footage, artfully staged reenactments, and insightful interviews with witnesses and experts in the field. At their booth during the 2024 Halifax Paranormal Symposium, you will have the exclusive opportunity to delve deeper into their eerie escapades, getting a firsthand look at what makes their venture a cornerstone of modern paranormal exploration.

Lomar Mendz & Lacey

We are thrilled to announce that the renowned paranormal exploration duo, Lomar Mendz and Lacey, will be joining us as vendors at the 2024 Halifax Paranormal Symposium! Known for their captivating journeys into the world’s most haunted and eerie locations, Lomar, with his impressive 66.8k YouTube followers, and Lacey, a published Nova Scotia photographer with a strong 95.6k Instagram following, combine their unique talents to document the unexplainable. Their adventures are not just about ghost hunting; they are a blend of education, entertainment, and a deep passion for the supernatural. Lacey’s skills as a practicing medium and their shared desire to explore the paranormal realm result in videos that are truly a must-watch.

Lomar Mendz


Any Witch Way Emporium

Any Witch Way Emporium offers a unique range of products that began with the founders’ search for distinctive pieces for their altar. Leveraging their skills in 3D printing, they now create and sell a variety of items under merchant agreements with artists, supporting and celebrating creativity in their niche market. They are dedicated to finding or creating hard-to-find items for their customers, embodying a spirit of innovation and support within the community they serve.


Exploring Harley is run by Jeff, a Paranormal Investigator based in Quebec, who has a knack for paranormal exploration! With over 26k subscribers, his YouTube channel shows no fear. Not only does he boldly explore haunted locations, he shares the history of the places he visits with his audience. It's clear he has a love for what he does and often brings other investigators along for the ride!


Silverbirch Spirit Connections is delighted to serve as your sanctuary for spiritual exploration for the 2nd annual Halifax Paranormal Symposium. Renowned as the premier metaphysical store in the region, their emphasis goes beyond offering an extensive range of high-quality products and services at affordable prices. Their true mission lies in cultivating a nonjudgmental environment where you can freely embark on your spiritual journey. They take immense pride in a warm, welcoming atmosphere and are passionately committed to empowering all who seek enlightenment.


Black Cat Stones is a purveyor of fine crystals, working in Nova Scotia for the past 5 years. They offer a variety of different types of crystals, i.e. wands/obelisks, jewelry, pyramids, balls, eggs, and a variety of tumbled stones. They cater to crystal collectors-and those just learning about the beauty and healing properties of crystals-by offering those unique, hard-to-find, and rare crystals that would round out any crystal collection. They strive to find the best quality and most reasonably priced crystals to enhance their clients needs!


Halifax author Steve Vernon has been writing and telling stories for over 40 years. He’s read on CBC Radio, Breakfast Television, Global Noon and at schools and libraries across Canada. Steve was a great hit with the kids at the inaugural FUNNY PAGES festival at the Halifax Central Library. He has released five ghost stories collections, one young adult novel, one children’s picture book, and one collection of historical maritime murder tales, Maritime Murder with a second collection, More Maritime Murder from local publisher Nimbus. Some of his publications include: Haunted Harbours: Ghost Stories from Old Nova Scotia, Wicked Woods: Ghost Stories from Old New Brunswick, Halifax Haunts: Exploring the City’s Spookiest Spaces, Sinking Deeper: Or, My Questionable (Possibly Heroic) Decision to Invent a Sea Monster, Maritime Monsters: A Field Guide, The Lunenburg Werewolf and Other Stories of the Supernatural, Maritime Murder: Deadly Crimes From The Buried Past, Where The Ghosts Are: A Guide to Nova Scotia’s Spookiest Places, and More Maritime Murder: Deadly Crimes From the Buried Past.


Altered Healing is Nova Scotia's first Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy (CAPT) practice. They believe in the power of plant medicine, mindfulness, and ancient wisdom coupled with modern psychotherapy, to unlock the healing potential within each individual. Their mission is to guide people on their journey of self-discovery and transformation, in order to heal and reclaim their true self. Psychedelics have a long history of use in spiritual traditions, and have been used by cultures all over the world for healing purposes. In keeping with that tradition during a CAPT Session, cannabis is consumed intentionally to support healing the body, mind and soul. Cannabis provides a safe, affordable, accessible and legal option for psychedelic therapy here in Canada.

Soul Seekers Paranormal

Soul Seekers Paranormal is known as the Feel-Good Paranormal Investigators because of their compassionate approach to exploring the unknown. Founded by Amy & Tonya, best friends and dedicated mothers, their team shares a profound passion for paranormal investigation, guided by a commitment to fostering love and connections in every encounter. As Soul Seekers, their mission is to delve into the mysteries of the spirit world with kindness, empathy, and sincerity. They prioritize creating meaningful connections and nurturing understanding between the living and the departed. They distinguish themselves from traditional paranormal investigators by eschewing jump scares in favor of cultivating love and empathy in investigations. They focus on genuine connections and positive interactions which makes their approach both refreshing and enlightening.


1. Table only. No admittance to the Symposium lectures – $50.00

2. Table and 1 General Admission Ticket – $165.00 (20% off Vendor table)

3. Table and 2 General Admission Tickets – $275.00 (50% off Vendor table)

4. Table and 3 General Admission Tickets – $387.50 (75% off Vendor table)


1. The Vendors will be located on the 2nd floor of the Halifax Tower Hotel & Conference Centre directly outside of the Lakeland Hall room in which the symposium lectures are being held in.

2. Vendors preforming psychic, tarot or other types of readings will have access to a more private area (TBD).

3. We suggest you have one person operating your vending table at all times as the area will be open and free for the public to enter during the symposium. Unattended tables are the responsibility of the Vendor.

4. Vendors are required to be set up and open for business during all hours when the Vendor area is open to the public. If a vendor fails to remain open or refuses to close during these times, this agreement may be terminated immediately, and no refunds will be issued.

5. Free WIFI access.

6. Extension cords and power bars are available for Vendors. Please contact Kristoffer Alegado – Event Sales Executive at [email protected] to make those arrangements.

7. Only the merchandise and/or services you listed on your Registration Form may be offered at your table.

8. Tables may not be sub-let without Symposium approval.

9. Vendors will have the option to purchase a Table only with no admission to the Symposium lectures and a Table with up to 3 General Admission Tickets at a special discounted price.

10. Tables are 6 feet and come with linen & skirting, and chairs.

11. No puncturing holes in the wall (e.g. tacks/nails).

12. No smoking.

13. No pets.

14. No burning candles, sage, incense, or other similar substances.

15. To help keep noise to a tolerable level, please keep all equipment volumes to a low level.

16. PPRI will not accept responsibility for any lost, stolen, or damaged property.

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