PPRI strives to be a leader in the study of parapsychological phenomena; research is the primary tool used to build knowledge and facilitate learning.

Study in this social science discipline is a means to understand the practices and phenomena to increase public knowledge and awareness. Conducting such studies helps enlighten one’s understanding of parapsychological phenomena and dispel fallacies. An important aspect of PPRI’s research is to dispel misconceptions and share factual information in a field of study riddled with myths and falsehoods.

We participate in research studies which are also shared with the public through our social media, website and speaking engagements. Results and findings are also shared with the public through those same outlets.

PPRI is currently involved in a phenomenological research design project managed by parapsychologists Dr. Darryll Walsh and Dr. Elliott Van Dusen. This project is mandated to collect encounters of the supernatural and other mysterious phenomena. Geographical and statistical analysis will be conducted including the extrapolation of trends, hotspots and classification of phenomena. Explication of the lived human experience surrounding the phenomena is examined from a psychosocial and cultural perspective.

Any research conducted by PPRI will be published on our website, made available to Federal and Provincial Archives, and through Academia and ResearchGate so that it can be easily accessible the public. 

Dr. Van Dusen has training in experimental parapsychology which allows him to be able to develop, conduct and participate in scientific experiments utilizing the scientific method, quantitative and qualitative research techniques, hypothesis testing, experimental design, and peer-review evaluation processes in the area of general extrasensory perception, remote viewing, psychokinesis, and survival.

In the near future, we hope to apply for parapsychological research grants in order to fund our own research endeavours.