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Hear ghost stories galore at Halifax paranormal conference happening Saturday
NewsOctober 5, 2023
A Critical Review of Dr. Osis’s Apparitional Case
December 9, 2021
A Brief Review of the Parapsychological Phenomenon of Psychokinesis
In the NewsApril 16, 2021
Supernatural Encounters: True Paranormal Accounts from Law Enforcement
NewsJanuary 29, 2021
Biases Continue to Haunt Parapsychological Research
December 26, 2020
Former Mountie pens book on inexplicable events witnessed by police
October 18, 2020
Article Review: An investigation into alleged ‘hauntings’
NewsJuly 6, 2020
Ghost Project Canada: The Value of Phenomenological Research Design Projects
NewsMay 30, 2020
Trick or Treat? Separating Fact from Fiction this Halloween: What we really know about ghosts, poltergeists and hauntings
NewsOctober 13, 2019
Shag Harbour UFO incident features on new coin: UFO festival goes Oct. 4-6
NewsOctober 1, 2019
Ghost writer takes on legends, monsters
NewsNovember 18, 2012
Restaurant to celebrate ghost in the cellar
April 7, 2008
Cyber ghosts and e-mail from the dead
NewsOctober 31, 2005
Haunting Style – Halifax homes rich with witchy tales
October 29, 2004
Haunting abound in local region
NewsOctober 27, 2004
It’s a bird, it’s a plane
October 10, 2003
Investigator: ‘something’s out there’
NewsSeptember 10, 2003
Phantoms, strange beasts come from shadows tonight
October 31, 2002
Ghost stories haunt Walsh
October 30, 2002
Dissecting the existence of ghosts
April 15, 2002
‘There is something weird going on’
NewsApril 1, 2002
Who ya gonna call?
October 30, 2001
Parapsychological investigator to speak at Springhill Library
October 13, 2001
Chit-chat on death gives life to my pen
February 20, 2001
Cape Bretoner studies, teaches paranormal
September 30, 2000
Ghost hunt bristles hair on the cats and me, too
December 2, 1999
Ghosts in the attic: only the cats know for sure
November 28, 1999
Ghost hunter delivers the shivers
October 10, 1999