Halifax, Nova Scotia


The Halifax Paranormal Symposium has delayed planning due to Covid-19. The symposium will be held at a date and location yet to be determined in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

In the meantime, we are still collecting submissions for papers and presentations. Submissions received after September 30, 2023 will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Papers and presentations of accepted submissions will be published and included in the booklet, provided that they are received before the deadline.

All submissions to the Halifax Paranormal Symposium must be submitted electronically (as a .doc or .ppt file, if possible). They should be e-mailed as attachments to the chair of the Halifax Paranormal Symposium at [email protected]​. If a paper has multiple authors, please advise which author will be presenting. Please include what audio/visual aids and equipment you will require for your presentation.

There is no length limitation for submitted papers or presentations, however, each presenter will be expected to present for one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes. You will be expected to submit a full paper or presentation to the conference committee as you will be required to present in a symposium style lecture.

Anyone may submit a paper or presentation for consideration to the Halifax Paranormal Symposium committee. The paper or presentation may cover any aspect of the paranormal, including but not limited to: Parapsychology, Mind-Matter Interaction, Survival of Consciousness after Death, Hauntings, Ghosts, Poltergeists, Unidentified Flying Objects, Cryptozoology, Folklore, Mythology, Occult, Religious Topics such as Demonology and Exorcisms and Field Investigation Case Studies.


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