PPRI conducts free, ethical and professional parapsychological investigations in the Atlantic Canadian Provinces and New England area of the United States. We have extensive knowledge, experience and partnerships. Investigations remain confidential unless agreed upon by our clients.

Our Investigative Approach

Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation (PPRI) offers complimentary, ethical, and confidential investigations across the Atlantic Canadian Provinces and the New England region of the United States. With an extensive network of partnerships and a rich history of expertise, we are committed to advancing the understanding of paranormal phenomena.


Our Legacy

Founded in 1997, PPRI began as a two-person team focused on parapsychological research in Nova Scotia. By mid-1998, our reach had expanded globally, boasting over 100 international memberships and collaborations with multiple expert organizations. In 2002, we integrated with the New England Unidentified Flying Object Investigative Group (NESUFOIG) and the Paranormal Research Investigation group from London, Ontario. Today, PPRI is comprised of a small team of subject matter experts, dedicated to rigorous scientific inquiry.


Areas of Investigation

Our investigative scope encompasses a wide range of parapsychological phenomena, including but not limited to:
• Extrasensory Perception (ESP): The study of information acquisition beyond the known sensory channels.
• Mind-Matter Interaction (Psychokinesis): Exploration of the influence of consciousness on physical systems.
• Survival of Bodily Death: Research and Investigation into the persistence of consciousness post-mortem.
• Additional Phenomena: UFO sightings, cryptozoology, demonology, and witchcraft.



We adhere to a scientific approach grounded in four core principles:
Accurate Observation: Data is collected meticulously through witness interviews, investigator observations, and scientific instrument data collection.
Repeatability: Observations must be consistent and replicable for validation.
Logical Hypothesis Formation: Hypotheses are formulated based on observed data.
Empirical Testing: Hypotheses are tested against predictable, observable outcomes.


Data Analysis and Sharing

Our investigators are trained to rule out conventional explanations, rigorously test hypotheses, and analyze data. We are committed to sharing our findings with the scientific community and are open to re-testing or formulating new hypotheses as warranted. Many cases of alleged paranormal phenomena have been resolved by uncovering conventional explanations.

Above all, we are dedicated to assisting those who have experienced paranormal phenomena, providing them with the understanding and support they need.