Holly Stevens

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Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, Holly Stevens has always been passionate about the regional folklore of the Maritimes. She first graduated from Acadia University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and later went on to earn a diploma in Medical Laboratory Science from the British Colombia Institute in Technology.

In 2009, she had the opportunity to co-host the paranormal investigation television show, Ghost Cases, which looked into first-person experiences with the paranormal. This gave her the opportunity to experience the art of documentary-style story-telling, as well as learn from members of the Unknown Phenomena Investigation Association (UPIA) in England. This pushed her interest in the paranormal, specifically towards how science can be used to explore the unknown.

Her passion for visual storytelling brought her home from Vancouver in 2017 to host the paranormal investigative television series Haunted, which is now in its eleventh season. She currently also produces and directs the lifestyle documentary show, Sláinte, with her production company, Snow Dog Productions, and has been recognized internationally with best actress and best supporting actress awards in various features films, including The Last Divide (2018), Aliens With Knives (2018) and The Colour of Spring (2020).

Just as the invention of the microscope verified the existence of bacteria, Holly believes that science will eventually expand to prove much of what we currently classify as paranormal. “Right now, we are living in an awkward time; our own senses hint at something greater, but we are often unable to quantify it with modern science.”