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Our membership criteria and guidelines are aligned with our organizational bylaws, providing a clear structure for membership eligibility, privileges, responsibilities, and termination rules. Anyone who supports PPRI’s purpose and mission is eligible to join the Supporters of PPRI program.

Membership fees contribute to PPRI’s growth, aiding us in advancing our research and investigations. Members are expected to adhere to lawful and ethical behavior. The Board of Directors holds the authority to approve and, if necessary, terminate memberships for violations. Termination of memberships can occur for various reasons, including violations, resignation, or a majority vote by the Board of Directors.

Supporters of PPRI members are not entitled to attend meetings or vote on organizational matters. By becoming a part of the Supporters of PPRI, you become an integral part of our community, playing a role in the ongoing exploration of paranormal phenomena. Your support helps us expand our research, outreach, and overall impact. Join us today and be part of an exciting journey into the unknown.

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Exclusive Updates: Stay informed with the latest news, updates, and advancements in paranormal research through our regular communications.

Early Access: Enjoy a 48-hour head start on accessing our publications ahead of the general public. This includes content such as Parascientifica and The Duelling Parapsychologists Podcast, along with early notifications for event announcements and special features.

Member Discounts: Receive a generous 20% discount on all PPRI events, workshops, and merchandise as a token of our appreciation.

Tuition Discounts: Benefit from a 20% discount on courses offered at the Parapsychological Education Centre.

Community Engagement: Connect with fellow paranormal enthusiasts, engage in discussions, and share insights about unexplained phenomena.

Welcome Gift: As a new subscriber, receive a complimentary merchandise gift from us.

Supporter Certificate: Receive an official Supporter of PPRI certificate.

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