About Us

Board of Directors and Officers

  • Elliott Van Dusen, President, Corporate Director, Officer, and Recognized Agent.
  •  Spencer Collier, Vice-President, Deputy Director, and Officer.
  •  Darryll Walsh, Chief Research Officer, Director, and Officer.
  •  Sarah Van Dusen, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Director, and Officer.
  • Andrew Baird, Corporate Secretary, Director, and Officer.
  • Jodi Russell, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager.


Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation (PPRI) was established in Sydney, Nova Scotia, in 1997. We were among the first organizations in Nova Scotia dedicated to examining claims of paranormal phenomena. Later that same year, PPRI relocated to Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

In its early days, PPRI consisted of two investigators who conducted parapsychological research and investigations in Nova Scotia. By June 1998, the organization had expanded significantly, conducting multiple field investigations, gaining over 100 memberships worldwide, and establishing connections with various experts and investigative organizations.

In June 2002, PPRI merged with the New England Unidentified Flying Object Investigative Group (NESUFOIG) from the United States and the Paranormal Research Investigation group from London, Ontario. At that time, PPRI operated under a “Chapter” model, with Provincial/State Directors located in Nova Scotia, Ontario, British Columbia, Massachusetts, and Australia. The organization was incorporated under the Nova Scotia Societies Act on July 29, 2004. In April 2006, PPRI decided to abandon the chapter model, leading to its current organizational structure.

On June 21, 2019, Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation Incorporated was registered under the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 180.

On May 1, 2021, the Canadian Association for Parapsychological Research & Investigation operating as PPRI was incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

On August 25, 2022, PPRI relocated its office back to Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Today, PPRI comprises a small team of subject matter experts specializing in parapsychological investigations, research, and education. Our members have diverse academic and professional backgrounds, which, when combined, become an invaluable resource for our organization.

PPRI operates in the Atlantic Canadian Provinces and the New England area of the United States. Our team is willing to travel to other locations, keeping in mind that we are a not-for-profit organization with limited funding.



The purpose of the Canadian Association of Parapsychological Research & Investigation:

  • To pursue and promote studies in the field of parapsychology which is the investigation into extrasensory perception, mind-matter interaction, and survival of human consciousness after bodily death.
  • To publish and make available to the public any such reports of research findings.
  • To organize and sponsor educational opportunities on topics relevant to parapsychology through lectures, discussion groups, and demonstrations.
  •  To liaise and cooperate with other parapsychological researchers.
  • To study definitions of extrasensory perception, mind-matter interaction including macro-psychokinesis, micro-psychokinesis, and bio-psychokinesis, theories of survival, and related phenomena and practices.
  •  To conduct and participate in classical and contemporary studies of psychical research in Canada.
  • To develop, conduct, or participate in scientific experiments to determine whether evidence providing proof of psi and survival is possible, utilizing the scientific methods quantitative and qualitative research techniques, hypothesis testing, experimental design, and peer-review evaluation processes.
  •  To document accounts, anecdotes, and reminiscences of death-bed visions, near-death experiences, spontaneous apparitions, post-mortem spirit communication via mediumship, recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis, psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, and other phenomena suggestive of a continued existence of some aspect of the human consciousness after physical death.
  •  To establish and maintain a library of publications relevant to parapsychology, including books on parapsychology, psychical research, and survival after bodily death, and other related topics.
  • To facilitate the transfer of documentation relating to parapsychological research and related studies to an appropriate archival repository.
  •  To create and publish research aids relevant to parapsychology, including bibliographies, directories, and other access tools.
  • To obtain and disburse funding to carry out the purpose of the Association/Incorporation.

Ethical and Professional Standards

The Canadian Association of Parapsychological Research & Investigation operating as Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation (PPRI) has modelled, adapted, and adopted its ethical and professional standards after the Parapsychological Association’s (P.A.) ethical and professional guidelines. These guidelines are subject to future modification. 

Paranormal Phenomena Research and Investigation’s ethical and professional standards are intended to constitute a code of ethical and professional conduct for our organization. As in other professional organizations the full interpretation of these guidelines is expected to evolve through experience.