CAPRI's Parapsychological Education Center

CAPRI's Parapsychological Education Center

As an integral part of the Canadian Association of Parapsychological Research & Investigation (CAPRI), the Parapsychological Education Centre (PEC) is dedicated to advancing education in parapsychology—a social science discipline that explores extrasensory perception (ESP), mind-matter interactions (psychokinesis), the survival of human consciousness beyond bodily death, and other paranormal phenomena. Our mission is to provide rigorous, high-quality courses in parapsychology that are both accessible and flexible. Through our online learning platform, we cater to a global audience eager for academic enrichment in this specialized field. We aim to empower our students with the knowledge and critical thinking abilities they need to investigate and research parapsychological phenomena in an ethical and responsible manner.



Our courses offer a dynamic, engaging, and academically rigorous experience, focused on the scientific investigation of parapsychological phenomena. We understand that today’s students come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a wealth of diverse life experiences to their studies. Recognizing the challenges of balancing educational pursuits with career responsibilities, family obligations, and other commitments, we have designed our courses to offer a flexible adult learning environment. This approach fosters a harmonious balance between self-directed study and structured instruction. Upon successful completion of each course, students will be awarded a CAPRI Certificate of Accomplishment, acknowledging their successful completion of our teachings. Join a global network of students and professionals keen to explore the depths of human consciousness and the unknown.



Follow this link to a list of reputable parapsychological research aids and resources created, regularly maintained, and published. At Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation we are committed to the advancement of public education in parapsychology.

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Your opinion matters to us. If you have any feedback or suggestions about your learning experience, we encourage you to share them with us through the course evaluation form on our online platform.

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Need help with academic or technical issues? Our Student Support Services team is just an email away. One of our volunteers can assist you with everything from technical troubleshooting to academic counselling.

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