Educational Initiatives

At Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation (PPRI), we recognize that it’s imperative to disseminate accurate, scientific, and up-to-date information in a field often marred by misinformation, fraudulent activities, and ethical lapses. We do this through:

Media Engagement

Our team actively collaborates with a diverse range of media platforms—including radio, television, and podcasts—to offer authoritative insights into the continuously evolving field of parapsychological research.

Comprehensive Educational Services

Beyond media engagement, PPRI provides a multifaceted array of educational services, each tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse audiences. These services include:

 – Curated Presentations: Customizable lectures and seminars covering an array of parapsychological topics. These presentations feature interactive Q&A sessions and hands-on demonstrations of specialized equipment used in parapsychological field investigations.

 – Public Lectures: Periodic talks hosted at community centers and libraries, designed to demystify the realm of the paranormal.

 – Specialized Workshops: In-depth sessions focusing on niche topics such as mind-matter interactions, emerging technologies and trends in the field, and reviews of historical cases.


Conference and Symposium Contributions

 – Presentations: Our team creates PowerPoint presentations suitable for conferences and symposiums, exemplified by our recurring lecture series, Hauntings: Exploring Apparitions, Poltergeists, and Demons; which has been showcased at various events, including the Shag Harbor UFO Festival.

2023 Halifax Paranormal Symposium: As the primary organizer and sponsor of the inaugural 2023 Halifax Paranormal Symposium, we recognize the significance of hosting such an event, especially in Canada. This symposium serves as a vital platform for experts and enthusiasts to engage in meaningful dialogue, share research, and foster a greater understanding of paranormal phenomena. If successful, we aim to establish this as a recurring annual event, further contributing to the academic and public discourse in the field.


Academic Contributions

Darryll Walsh and Elliott Van Dusen have enriched the academic discourse in parapsychology through their specialized in-person courses at the Nova Scotia Community College. These courses, namely Parapsychology I: Predictions and Predictors and Parapsychology II: Hauntings and Apparitions, have made significant contributions to the field of parapsychological education in Nova Scotia.


Parapsychological Education Centre

As of September 2023, we are thrilled to announce the inauguration of our online Parapsychological Education Centre, operating under our nationally registered nonprofit name, the Canadian Association for Parapsychological Research & Investigation (CAPRI). We currently offer two online distance education courses: Introduction to Parapsychology and
Introduction to Demonology, with additional courses under development. For the most up-to- date information regarding our online education, we invite you to visit CAPRI’s Parapsychological Education Centre (PEC) by clicking the button below 

Our team of seasoned investigators and subject matter experts are available for conferences, symposiums, and public or media events. For inquiries or to schedule an engagement, please contact us.