Parapsychology is an exciting social science that captivates the interest of individuals worldwide. Parapsychologists conduct work in a field in which contemporary science has yet to fully understand, making it difficult to obtain financial support that other disciplines enjoy.

Traditionally, the support that PPRI has received for its parapsychological research and investigations has come from co-founders Elliott Van Dusen and Spencer Collier. All of PPRI’s ethical and professional services are provided free of charge. Clients who contactPPRI forĀ  assistance are not charged any fees for investigative or educational activities, research or parapsychological consultations.

As PPRI operates on a limited budget with the generous help of its volunteer team, we need your support. Donations are used to purchase new technology and support the ongoing operations of the organization. PPRI is expanding into online educational seminars as well as printed information available to the public. Donations support the costs associated with our organizational growth.

PPRI is a non-profit organization legally registered as the Canadian Association of Parapsychological Research & Investigation under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (1297787-7), Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation Association under the Societies Act in Nova Scotia, Canada (3092415), and as Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation Incorporation under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (001386790).

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