Oct 13, 2023 - Supernatural Science: Real-Life Paranormal Case Studies

Join us for an enlightening evening as we delve into the world of the paranormal from a scientific perspective. Hosted by Elliott Van Dusen, a retired Corporal with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Corporate Director of Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation (PPRI), and Andrew Baird, Corporate Secretary of PPRI and a retired Aerospace Control Officer with the Royal Canadian Air Force, this lecture aims to shed light on some of the most perplexing and intriguing paranormal cases.


Featured Cases


  1. Esther Cox and The Great Amherst Mystery: Esther Cox, a young woman living in Amherst, Nova Scotia, in the late 19th century, became the focal point of one of the most well-documented cases of poltergeist activity. The phenomena began after a traumatic event involving a male suitor. Soon after, Esther and her family experienced a series of inexplicable occurrences, including loud bangs, objects moving on their own, and even written messages appearing on walls. Despite investigations by prominent figures of the time, including a skeptical investigator named Walter Hubbell who lived with the family, the case remains unexplained to this day.


  1. Evil in Exeter: From the case files of Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation comes the chilling tale of a relentless, malevolent entity capable of defying the boundaries of the physical world. Seasoned paranormal investigator and retired Canadian police officer Elliott Van Dusen witnessed this nightmare firsthand as he assisted the beleaguered family. A single mother in Rhode Island and her two children became the targets of an entity so malevolent that it threatened to shatter the very fabric of their lives. Despite psychic warnings and religious interventions, the entity remained undeterred, escalating its torment to unimaginable levels. This gripping case study forces us to confront the unsettling reality that evil can lurk where we least expect it, challenging our understanding of the boundaries between good and evil.


  1. The Firespook of Caledonia Mills: This chilling case unfolds in the quiet community of Caledonia Mills, Nova Scotia, where the MacDonald family found themselves besieged by inexplicable fires. Centered around Mary Ellen MacDonald, a teenager at the time, the phenomena escalated to include over 30 mysterious fires, baffling both local authorities and paranormal investigators. Despite various interventions, including religious rites and scientific scrutiny, the source of the fires remained elusive. This case challenges our understanding of poltergeist activity and raises unsettling questions about the nature of unexplained phenomena.


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Why Attend?


Gain a scientific understanding of paranormal phenomena.

Hear the real stories behind some of the most popularized paranormal cases.

Engage in a Q&A session to satisfy your curiosity.


Who Should Attend?


This lecture is perfect for anyone interested in the paranormal, from curious spectators to seasoned investigators. Whether you’re a believer, a skeptic, or just interested in the subject matter, this lecture promises to be both informative and captivating.


Date & Time

Friday, October 13th, 2023, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.



Southend Community Centre, 1614 George Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia.