Instructor Dr. Darryll D. B. Walsh

I am Dr. Darryll B. D. Walsh, a leading authority in the field of parapsychology and the supernatural. Proclaimed as “Canada’s Ghost Hunter” by the Ottawa Citizen, I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of the paranormal. I am currently working on obtaining my second doctorate in clinical psychology, aiming to become Canada’s first clinical parapsychologist. I am also a freelance writer and photographer, focusing on the supernatural and paranormal. Acting Executive Director of the Centre for Parapsychological Studies in Canada,  President of Ghost Project Canada
Chief Research Officer, Director, and Officer of Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation.


Media Appearances:

  • Hosted and narrated 13 episodes of the television series Shadow Hunter (2005-2006)
  • Consulted in episode #204 Poltergeist Phenomenon on the television show Supernatural Investigator
  • Produced documentaries including “Zombie Mania,” “Pretty Bloody,” “Bigfoot’s Reflection,” and “City of the Dead: Halifax and Titanic Disaster”
  • The Discovery Channel
  • CTV
  • Global
  • CBC 1 Radio
  • National and regional newspapers such as The Globe and Mail, The Ottawa Citizen, The Chronicle Herald, and the Daily News



I have authored four books in the realm of the supernatural:

  • “Ghosts of Nova Scotia”
  • “Ghost Waters: Canada’s Haunted Sea and Shores”
  • “Legends and Monsters of Atlantic Canada”
  • “That Which Survives: The Case of the Near-Death Experience”


Educational Background:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Doctorate in Parapsychology, American International University


Teaching and Lecturing Experience:

  • Instructor in Parapsychology, Nova Scotia Community College
  • Lecturer at the 2023 Halifax Paranormal Symposium
  • Various other conferences, symposiums, and smaller public event venues.


Nonprofit Involvement:

Inspired by the challenges I faced as a self-reliant teenager, I developed a passion for working with non-profit organizations focused on character building, education, and opportunities for youths. I have worked with many non-profits including Ron Burton Training Village, Big Sister, and most recently, Campaign for Catholic Schools.


Contact Information: