Instructor Chris Styles

I am an active UFO researcher who investigates select classic and current UFO incidents that have occurred in Atlantic Canada. I hold to a blended view of the UFO phenomena, that allows room for both the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis and a significant psychological component. I’m best known for my work on the 1967 Shag Harbour Incident and have presented at several MUFON symposia in both Canada and the USA. I have also served as a paid technical advisor with several Canadian UFO feature documentaries.


Media Appearances:

  • The Shag Harbour Incident
  • Northern Lights
  • Canada’s Roswell
  • UFOs II, Have We Been Visited
  • Mysteries of the Deep


  • Dark Object with Don Ledger
  • Impact to Contact with Graham Simms
  • Clear Sweep 5: NATO’s UFO Encounter by Chris Styles

Contact Information: