Benefits of Membership

Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation is a non-profit organization.  Our organization does not have paid positions available.  We are staffed by volunteer members to help serve the general public. We strive to;

I. Investigate all claims of paranormal phenomena and collect the data for the PPRI network for use by researchers and investigators worldwide.

II. Assist any clients in need of advice, parapsychological counseling and help regarding paranormal phenomena.

III. Educate the public on all topics of the paranormal and its potential impact on society.

***PPRI is not accepting new members at this time.***

Membership Application Process

Applicants must read the Information Package.

-Applicants must fill out the PPRI membership application.

-Applicants will under go a background investigation to determine suitability. If an applicant is applying to be a Field Investigator, a criminal records check will be requested. A Field Investigator of PPRI has access to the PPRI network which contains personal and confidential client information, case files, research papers, research articles and documents.

-Applicants will undergo a suitability and security interview by a member of the PPRI Administration.

-Successful applicants will be offered a position as a Field Investigator Trainee.  A Field Investigator Trainee will have restricted access to the PPRI network, investigations and research assignments.

-Field Investigator Trainees will be assigned a mentor who will be responsible for making sure the applicant completes the Field Investigators Training Course.  The mentor will be responsible for teaching the Trainee how to conduct investigations, research and how to utilize the equipment in which PPRI uses.  Upon successful completion of the Field Investigator's Training Course and on the recommendation of the mentor, a Trainee will be promoted to the position of Field Investigator.

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